Reuse. Revive. Replenish.
Managing and Utilizing Every Single Drop

Water and WasteWater Management

Many cities across the world are grappling with challenges posed by scarcity of clean and usable water, and it’s about time we do something to change this.

Our end-to-end water and wastewater management services help you effectively utilize every ounce of pure as well as waste water by maximising reuse and recycling. Across our various projects, we treat nearly 16 ML of waste water every day. With rich experience of successfully implementing 285+ projects in DTS, rainwater harvesting, and sanitation, we have the capability of executing wastewater management projects ranging from 1KLD to 1000 KLD.

Waste water management and treatment

Rainwater harvesting and water conservation

Social and environmental impact assessment

Water management awareness creation

Enabling Sustainable Water and WaterWaste Management Practices

From assessing 24*7 water-supply to implementing end-to-end rainwater harvesting solutions for single households as well as large projects, our integrated water resource management services are geared towards enabling sustainable consumption practices. Our multidisciplinary expertise across water cycle helps us create innovative solutions that change the way communities, governments, and corporates utilize water resources.

Municipal Wastewater

Industrial and Agricultural Wastewater

Sewage Discharge and Marine Outfall

Drinking Water Supply

Rivers, Ponds, and Groundwater


Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System (DTS)

While conventional technologies comply with PCB standards and allow reuse of water, they are energy intensive and require daily maintenance and skilled operators. Contrary to this, the modular design of our DTS technology enables you to treat both gray water (from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry) and black water (from toilets) with minimal maintenance and at reduced costs. The DTS system treats wastewater and wet waste (kitchen/organic waste) from households and communities to be reused for beneficial purposes such as toilet flushing and gardening. With reliable and resource efficient systems, you can reuse the area, ensure wide tolerance for fluctuations, and implement a system that can withstand shutdowns.

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Delivering Value Across Verticals

We offer complete environmental engineering services to assist our clients in minimizing the usage and wastage of water, thereby creating a positive impact on financial and environmental aspects as well.