Environmental Training
Spread awareness and communicate the need for responsible citizenship to ensure a pollution free world


Driving the Change

The only feasible way of creating a long-lasting pollution free environment is to inspire individual efforts of the people living in the community. We believe that everybody can make a difference by an act as simple as throwing garbage in a bin. Change begins with one person and we strive to be the front runners in bringing that change.

Dissemination of Information

At Ecoparadigm, we understand the value of media as a powerful tool to spread information. We have collaborated with the renowned artist Mr. Shankar Mahadevan who composed and sang jingles promoting environmental awareness. Inculcating environment-friendly values at an early age ensures our future is in safer hands; therefore, we have designed school kits, exercise books and games to promote these values to children. Our industry experts have provided hands-on job training for the pourakarmikas in Karnataka and workers of the 450TPD municipal waste management plant in Nashik to improve their awareness. We have also conducted training for officials working in MEETRA.

Professional Development Programs

Technical Knowledge Transfer

Environmental Awareness Through Various Activities and Media

Gap Analysis of Skills Required

Developing Exercise and Manual Booklets For Reference

Real-Time Training of Different Levels of Workers

Designing of Sophisticated Knowledge Management System

Green Practice Promotion And Development of Decision-Making Tools – “SWAPT”

Training of Individuals in Our Lab for Testing Processes that Empower them to run the Plant Optimally

Why Work With Us? Take a Look at Our Projects, Rewards, and Recognitions

Our efforts towards promoting environmental health ensure your business will be recognised as one that is making an impact through eco-friendly projects.
Bringing change requires collaboration between different communities and we are dedicated to working with you to create a better world.