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Improving Energy Efficiency and Resource Security


Energy Management

Constantly increasing industrialization and urbanization has spiked global energy consumption, creating net new challenges for resource security..

Breaking the cycle of unchecked resource wastage calls for productive methods of utilisation. Turning leftovers into renewable power makes the perfect ecological and financial sense as it addresses the local circular economy loops. Our Energy Management offerings help you implement organic solid waste and sewage sludge recovery solutions that covert waste into a source of electricity, fuel, and manure! We also empower you to analyse and optimize your energy consumption.

Review/ Evaluation of energy consumption pattern

Risk and opportunity assessment

Efficient waste to energy conversion

Hands on training and awareness programs

Waste to Energy- Less Litter Makes the World Better

We use technologies like shredder, digester, scrubber, and screw press to efficiently transform waste into secure and climate friendly energy. Leveraging our expertise in composting and incineration, we have implemented projects ranging from 30 TPD to 500 TPD with end-results of as much of 3300 KWh electricity production. We designed the pilot WTE plant, based on the Hamburg Wasser cycle©, in collaboration with Consul Aqua Germany. We have also worked on principle of co-digestion of septage and MSW which is a solution for handling the dual problems of MSW and faecal sludge management.

Renewable Energy

Anaerobic Digestion of Waste

Pre-treatment and Material Recovery