Addressing The Challenges In Water, Waste, And Energy Management

We Stand for Integrity, Innovation, Sustainability, Reliability, and Equity

From our humble beginnings in Bengaluru in 2006 to working with some of the most impactful environmental projects, we have gained extensive experience in capacity development, policy building, awareness raising, project implementation, and consulting in the field of sustainable water and sanitation management.

Our Mission

We thrive on establishing new paradigms, developing unconventional technologies mimicking nature’s own environmental processes, and pushing the envelope on environmental engineering – simple and elegant solutions that are good for the client, and good for the planet.

Our Vision

Our self-sustaining environmental strategies will lead to a significant enhancement in our quality of life, in terms of improved health, value for money and aesthetics. We will mentor and nurture a cadre of passionate environmentalists and their ideas, to be worthy custodians of our planet.

Our Values


Our work is guided and informed by the following beliefs and commitments:

  • The earth’s resources are treasures held in trust for future generations; our actions today will
    determine the kind of planet our children will inherit.
  • We have a responsibility to use and conserve our resources – water, air, land, energy and money
    – responsibly and judiciously by using closed loop solutions
  • Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens of the earth and need to be educated about caring for

Behind the curtains

Meet the Team

Pravinjith K P

Managing Director

Ph.D (Ongoing), M.E Geotechnical, B.E Civil, MBA

With over 27 years of experience in the field of Energy and Environment, Pravinjith is an expert for designing infrastructure of various projects of e waste, sewerage, irrigation, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy, and environmental impact assessment related projects. Working with various capacities of teams from Germany, UK, Netherlands, USA, Kenya, Maldives, North Korea, and others; he has successfully spearheaded 100+ environmental projects.

Naina Shah


Bachelor of Commerce

Naina has been a part of Ecoparadigm since 2010 and has conducted several sanitation awareness programmes pan India. She has been a vital part for the successful execution of many DTS and SWM projects. She has delivered presentations on Solid waste management in Urban scenario, Zero Waste management for FICCI, Sustainable approach to Solid Waste Management and Wastewater Management using DTS technology and many more.

Padma Rao

HR and Training

MA Education, BE civil

A Civil Engineer who segued into education over time, Padma has worked in inclusive education in the United States and returned to India few years back to work in the field of education and training. Among other things, she works to create education programs and raise awareness among young students and adults about waste management.

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