Driving Differentiation Across Industries

Leveraging a unique mix of knowledge and experience, we help corporates implement sustainable and eco-friendly development projects across several industries to optimize performance and create a positive environmental footprint.



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Exceeding Customer Expectations – The Journey So Far

From large firms and SMEs to individual business owners, we work with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our team closely collaborates with our clients to craft truly unique solutions that meet their individual requirements.

Creating Lasting Environmental Impact


Effective recycling enabled St.Martha’s Hospital to save Rs. 2.5 lakh/month on water alone

Rainwater Harvesting Projects, Toyota Kirlosakar Motors

Hazardous Waste Landfill Project, Bangalore

Success that is Real

"The technical competencies provided for all our initiatives by Ecoparadigm was above board. Ability to understand the ground issues and work out unconventional solutions to fix issues clearly stands out.”

Manish Michael

Chief Executive Officer(CEO), United Way Bengaluru

"When we took up the challenge of rejuvenating Kundalahalli Lake, we needed a nearly unbreakable treatment system with nearly zero maintenance costs. Ecoparadigm successfully solved this challenge with DTS technology."

Aravind Keerthy

Urban Environmentalist

"We have been using DTS as our STP for all our projects for 10+ years. DTS also aligns very well with our ethos of being sustainable in the way we build our homes at Good Earth."

Prashant Palanisami

General Manager, Good Earth

Delivering Value Across Verticals

Our offerings are designed to not only help corporates address all the regulatory and compliance changes, but also transform their business for an environment-first future.