Take an ‘Informed Action’

Be it any industry or vertical, it is impossible to initiate any change to create long-term impact without proper planning and research. From scenario studies and feasibility analysis to determining competencies and resource prerequisites, every single step plays a key role in determining the success rate of the initiative.

Assess the Need → Evaluate the Requirement → Determine the Way

We understand the importance of intricate details and proper analysis required before the actual project implementation. Our Research and Planning experts help you gain a thorough understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities created by business, regulatory, and legal changes. We enable you to clearly define your goals and design project roadmaps that create lasting impact. Our goal is to empower you to self-sufficiently address multiple socio-economic and environmental considerations that would have otherwise been overlooked. From concept to commissioning, we assist in the following stages of research and planning.

Techno-Economic Analysis

Pre-Feasibility Studies

Bidding Documentation

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Review of Contract and Design Documents

Detailed Project Reports (DPR)

Revision of Plan

Preparation of Action Plan

Policy Making

Our Projects, Rewards, and Recognitions

We have a proven track record of aiding organizations to find the best way to navigate environmental challenges.

Studied and analysed "Co-processing of RDF in Cement plant" for Adelphi for 9 states of India, and submitted to MoUD, GoI

Conducted pre-feasibility study and action plan for co-processing of RDF for cement plants from MSW, NAMA- Phase II

Codigestion of Septage and Solid Waste

Phosphate Removal Using Hydroponic Plants

Biomethanation of Solid Waste – Optimization Ratio

Delivering Value Across Verticals

We offer unique solutions and services in the areas of water & waste water, energy, solid waste, and climate change to drive differentiation across the value chain.