Meeting Quality, Time, and Financial Objectives with Minimal Resources

Optimization is most critical for the successful execution of development projects and it can be defined in many ways. It covers smoothening of all processes of procurement, logistics, coordination, quality assurance, inspection, regulation and much more. Be it time, money, material, or manpower – optimizing the use of resources during implementation while meeting the deadlines and achieving superior quality of end-results is what differentiates one from the crowd!

Doing More with Less

Spending more? Pushing the deadlines? Need more people or land? Why not question the fundamentals and find a better way out! Leveraging our technological excellence, innovative inclination, and broad knowledge of regulatory compliances, we ensure nominal utilisation of the same resources yielding quality results. From reducing the redundant activities in processes like trash collection & segregation to reducing the number of stages for wastewater recycling algorithms and utilizing meagre waste as a source of energy, we imply optimization in every way. Driving value for the success of projects, our optimization services cater to a variety of segments.

Waste-to-Energy Projects

DTS Plants

Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF)

MSW Processing Facilities

STP Systems

End-to-end Sanitation Projects

Drainage Systems

Recycling Arrangements

Co-processing of RDF in Cement Plants

Why Work With Us? Take a Look at Our Projects, Rewards, and Recognitions

We approach environmental stewardship with a sense of responsibility and ownership. Whether the system is in its initial phase of construction or an existing facility is unable to perform at its full potential, we can aid you with efficiency optimization for better output and productivity.

Involved with the implementation and optimization of a 30 TPD Waste to Energy project at Nashik (since 2012) and a 500TPD integrated solid waste management project at Khat Prakalp

Collection and Transport of Solid waste, Tirupati

Involved with the successful execution of the Hazardous Waste TSDF for Karnataka, implemented under HAWA project of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

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