Completing the Loop of Environmental Responsibility

Whenever a new development project is planned, it is more than necessary to carry out a complete environmental assessment. The project might or might not influence the environment but it’s best to ensure that there are no border-line probabilities.

Evaluating the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development takes into account interrelated socio-economic, cultural, and human health impacts, which can be both beneficial and adverse. It is during the planning phase only that the best preventive measures can be undertaken to evade possible negative aftermath.

Does Your Project Follow the Jurisdiction or is it Likely to Create a Significant Environmental Disruption?

We promote environmentally sound and sustainable development through the identification of appropriate alternatives and mitigation measures. Our comprehensive and integrated techniques help you identify, predict, and evaluate the economic, environmental, and social impact of the development activities. We provide you with tools to predict the environmental impact, weigh options at an early stage of planning, and design ways to reduce adverse effects as well as shape projects to suit the local environment. We detail the procedure for obtaining environmental clearance, technical information, and documents required to be submitted for getting the clearance. The entire array of assessment procedures involves a description of proposed actions (construction, operation, and/or shut down phase) and selection of suitable alternatives via a supposed simulation of the final facility/structure.

Recycling and Reduction of Waste

Nature and Magnitude of the Likely Environmental Effects

Disaster Management and Risk Analysis

Review of Contract and Design Documents

Impact on Surface and Ground Water, Soil, and Air Quality

Efficient Use of Inputs and Pollution Checks

Effects on Vegetation, Wild Life and Endangered Species

Identification of Relevant Human Concerns

Economic and Demographic Factors

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We are trusted by clients to understand and manage the impacts of their activities and products before they even begin. We have a proven history of aiding the customers in finding the best alternative to their problems after carefully studying and analyzing the final consequences.

EIA projects undertaken and EMP measures adopted for industries like INTEL, TSDF, SEIA (SocialEnvironmental Impact Assessment) of 24X7 Water supply- of 3 cities of Karnataka, EA of NLBC (Nagarjuna Left Bank Canal)

Environmental audits undertaken for 15 + MSW plants, 7 SLF, Tadipatri, Dhule, Katol, Kurundwad, 10+ Wastewater treatment facility and SWM of Uttarakhand

Evaluated DPR and vetted authorized organizations, working with Consul aqua for Support to National Urban Sanitation Policy (SNUSP) Phase II India for both solid waste and wastewater management

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