Informed Decision Making for Processing and Disposal Technologies Will Now be Possible

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon’ble Minister for Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, launched the ‘Tool for Solid Waste- Appropriate Technologies (SW-APT)’ developed by Ecoparadigm in association with GIZ at theSwachhta Symposium organised by Swachh Bharat Mission - Urban in Bengaluru. The tool is an aid to decision making for processing and disposal technologies. This tool helps in better management of solid waste in urban areas. The purpose of this tool is to give a qualitative indication of technical options that exist for scientific management of municipal solid waste as per the rules. It provides a means to evaluate decisions of different waste treatment options in India including the impact on technical, economic, environmental, climate and social aspects. This tool helps the decision maker to customise the solution based on individual cities, demography, types of waste and area available for processing and disposal. The simple user interface helps the user to see various options at their fingertips and generates a report. SWAPT is not a substitute for a detailed project report and engineering studies. It is meant for initial comparative analysis.

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