Solid Waste Management

Waste production is increasing globally at an alarming rate, making effective management, disposal, and reuse of solid waste a necessity.

Our waste management services help you optimize resource utilization and reduce your carbon footprint by maximizing reuse. From design of waste treatment/storage plants to hazwaste secure landfills and incinerators – we implement resource-efficient solutions that meet the regulatory standards and ensure safe disposal of waste.

1 Sustainable waste management planning

2 Environmental and social audit of solid waste

3 Design and engineering of waste treatment facilities

4 Waste recycling, reuse, and recovery

Enabling Sustainable Waste Management Practices

We leverage expertise in aerobic composting, vermicomposting, RFD, and biomethanation in carcass incinerators & sanitary landfills to aid our clients in addressing their challenges. With extensive experience in segregated collection, handling, processing, and disposing all types of waste, our team of experts is uniquely positioned to deliver zero waste management practices.

Hazardous Waste

Municipal Solid Waste

Biomedical Waste


Industrial Waste

Agricultural Waste

Creating Lasting Environmental Impact

Waste to Energy Project, Nashik

Hazardous Waste Landfill Project, Dabbaspet, Bengaluru

E-waste Project - Formalisation of Informal Sector

Delivering Value Across Verticals

Our offerings are designed to not only help governments, corporates, and communities address all solid waste management challenges, but also transform their business for an environment-first future.